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This plugin is usefull to every server:

* Display messages on random times WITH COLOR
* React on people saying things, for example,
when somone says ‘cheat’, the server reacts with ‘To report a cheater, use teamspeak and begin your message with an @’

These two functions are controlled in a simple textfile in your configs directory.

An advertisement will display itself every 60 to 80 seconds (this is random)
This number is defined, and can be changed with constants

There is a new feature in 0.5: Conditions!
You can for example do, that a certain message will only display itself when the map is de_dust. Or when there are minimal 5 players in the server.

Messages with color

Colors are only available in CounterStrike because its limited to that game DLL!

You can also insert COLOR. !t for teamcolor, !g for green color, !n for normal (yellow) color


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